Maria Meindl

Having worked with Maria on multiple projects, I was happy to work with her again on her personal website. She provided a really striking lead image that creates a sense of unease. The blue of the header and serifs of the font were chosen to provide a contrast to the lead image and she was very happy with the result.

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Once and future

Charlotte Ashley had a clear vision for the re-design of her WordPress website. The site was to have an elegant or “Baroque” style. It took a couple of mock-ups to get to the final design but the site ended up looking great.

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Leslieville Feldenkrais

This is one of the first responsive websites that I made. Creating responsive sites was new to me then, however this was not the only challenge that I faced. I also did not know what the Feldenkrais method was, meaning  I had to work very closely on the content design with the site’s stakeholder. The homepage content introduces Feldenkrais,  how people could benefit from it and shows testimonials from people who have benefited from this practice.

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Draft Reading Series

This long running and eclectic reading series needed a new website and I was happy to help them. The logo they provided played heavily on the idea of copyediting and typewriters, meaning the colour scheme of black, white and red was quickly decided upon. The typewriter style was used in the headings and paired with a clear sans-serif typeface for their body copy.

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Writers Adventure Camp

At Writers Adventure Camp writers spend their mornings learning from mentors and their afternoons relaxing by the dock or enjoying the great outdoors. The logo is a crossed oar and pen showing the intersection of writing and camp activities and the blue ink is to represent the lake.

This site was built without a CMS as minimizing maintenance was an important requirement.

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Catherine Bush

This is the website of author Catherine Bush and has been recently  updated for her new novel Elemental. The site uses WordPress and has many different page templates and  sidebars that show a series of quotations from other authors that are important to Catherine.

For this project I have provided ongoing support, training and a WordPress training manual.

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Denise Cruz

This site showcases the academic projects of Denise Cruz, whose work relates to fashion, gender and sexuality. Initially the site was to be inspired by the show Mad Men, however the photos that Denise wanted to use were much more glamorous than Madison Avenue. The site became about showcasing these archival fashion photos and the result is a visually striking website that stands out in academia.

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Pickle Me This

The online home of the amazing Kerry Clare, writer, editor and would-be pickler. This is her place on the web where she writes, reviews  and obsesses over books.

Pickle Me This was the name of her pickling business but is put to better use here. The site has gone through several of revisions and will be altered to be mobile friendly in the future.

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