About me

I am a Graphic Designer with more than six years of experience in a Communications role. I am creative and passionate about design, accessibility and interested in helping people communicate through the web, video and photography.

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I am looking for new projects and employment opportunities and I would love to hear from you. Send me an email – stuartlawler@gmail.com

Once and future

Charlotte Ashley had a clear vision for the re-design of her WordPress website. The site was to have an elegant or “Baroque” style. It took a couple of mock-ups to get to the final design but the site ended up looking great.

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Leslieville Feldenkrais

This is one of the first responsive websites that I made. Creating responsive sites was new to me then, however this was not the only challenge that I faced. I also did not know what the Feldenkrais method was, meaning  I had to work very closely on the content design with the site’s stakeholder. The homepage content introduces Feldenkrais,  how people could benefit from it and shows testimonials from people who have benefited from this practice.

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Writers Adventure Camp

At Writers Adventure Camp writers spend their mornings learning from mentors and their afternoons relaxing by the dock or enjoying the great outdoors. The logo is a crossed oar and pen showing the intersection of writing and camp activities and the blue ink is to represent the lake.

This site was built without a CMS as minimizing maintenance was an important requirement.

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Projects and Interests

I am really interested in how motion-graphics can be used to convey messages effectively, especially now that short-form video and YouTube have become such important ways to communicate. I started using After Effects part way through a #26letters challenge on instagram and I am really excited to create more motion-graphics.

I understand that Graphic Designers need to keep up with industry trends and requirements. As part of a recent website re-design I did, I had to meet the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. I learned how visually-impaired people use the internet and how important accessibility is for everyone.