About me

I am a Graphic Designer with more than six years of experience in a Communications role. I am creative and passionate about design, accessibility and interested in helping people communicate through the web, video and photography.

Get in Touch

I am looking for new projects and employment opportunities and I would love to hear from you. Send me an email – stuartlawler@gmail.com

Once and future

Charlotte Ashley had a clear vision for the re-design of her WordPress website. The site was to have an elegant or “Baroque” style. It took a couple of mock-ups to get to the final design but the site ended up looking great.

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Writers Adventure Camp

At Writers Adventure Camp writers spend their mornings learning from mentors and their afternoons relaxing by the dock or enjoying the great outdoors. The logo is a crossed oar and pen showing the intersection of writing and camp activities and the blue ink is to represent the lake.

This site was built without a CMS as minimizing maintenance was an important requirement.

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Maria Meindl

Having worked with Maria on multiple projects, I was happy to work with her again on her personal website. She provided a really striking lead image that creates a sense of unease. The blue of the header and serifs of the font were chosen to provide a contrast to the lead image and she was very happy with the result.

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Projects and Interests

I am really interested in how motion-graphics can be used to convey messages effectively, especially now that short-form video and YouTube have become such important ways to communicate. I started using After Effects part way through a #26letters challenge on instagram and I am really excited to create more motion-graphics.

I understand that Graphic Designers need to keep up with industry trends and requirements. As part of a recent website re-design I did, I had to meet the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. I learned how visually-impaired people use the internet and how important accessibility is for everyone.