About me

I am a Graphic Designer with more than six years of experience in a Communications role. I am creative and passionate about design, accessibility and interested in helping people communicate through the web, video and photography.

Get in Touch

I am looking for new projects and employment opportunities and I would love to hear from you. Send me an email – stuartlawler@gmail.com

Catherine Bush

This is the website of author Catherine Bush and has been recently  updated for her new novel Elemental. The site uses WordPress and has many different page templates and  sidebars that show a series of quotations from other authors that are important to Catherine.

For this project I have provided ongoing support, training and a WordPress training manual.

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Maria Meindl

Having worked with Maria on multiple projects, I was happy to work with her again on her personal website. She provided a really striking lead image that creates a sense of unease. The blue of the header and serifs of the font were chosen to provide a contrast to the lead image and she was very happy with the result.

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Once and future

Charlotte Ashley had a clear vision for the re-design of her WordPress website. The site was to have an elegant or “Baroque” style. It took a couple of mock-ups to get to the final design but the site ended up looking great.

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Projects and Interests

I am really interested in how motion-graphics can be used to convey messages effectively, especially now that short-form video and YouTube have become such important ways to communicate. I started using After Effects part way through a #26letters challenge on instagram and I am really excited to create more motion-graphics.

I understand that Graphic Designers need to keep up with industry trends and requirements. As part of a recent website re-design I did, I had to meet the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. I learned how visually-impaired people use the internet and how important accessibility is for everyone.